Wazzala means beauty and elegance, with that being said the company came with the name Wazzala Lifestyle, loving fashion and beauty essentials the company launched the makeup line and apparels to include everyone of colour and size in mind!

Creating formulas that are nourishing for your skin while wearing them and feeling lightweight! Wazzala believes makeup should not feel like a heavy task and it is only to enhance your nautual beauty, because after all we all are beautiful in our very unique way.

Our makeup can be used everyday and the looks achieved can go from 0-100 real quick, for all occasions!

Our clothing line which includes swimwear, accessories, clothing, sunglasses and lingerie go from a wide range of styles and sizes and the quality is amazing!

Our popular shapewear line gives you fast results, from our compression waist trainers and fajas, we carry from size S - 9XL.

Wazzala Lifestyle - Where Beauty Meets Elegance!

Wazzala Cosmetics - Bring out the Goddess in You!


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